Graphic Design

The application of sound graphic design principles makes any presentation immediately more pleasing to the eye and can make it stand out from the crowd. If you can capture a viewer's attention at a subliminal level by the clever use of layout, imagery, typography and colour, it is more likely the presentation will succeed. Signatures believes that targeted print projects are still at the forefront of our clients' marketing agendas, as printed communication can engage the consumer both by its tactile nature and by being a strong source of brand awareness.



The one 'free' opportunity we see most businesses miss out on to promote their businesses is with their stationery. A well-designed and professionally printed suite of stationery sets the right impression. It is also an opportunity to subtly promote your other services and products that the reader may not be aware you offer. We can design all your business stationery and promotional items, as well as keeping you up-to-date on all the legal compliance (GDPR etc.) disclosures.


Never underestimate how powerful a selling tool a brochures can be, no matter whether it is destined to remain in electronic format as a PDF for delivery over the Internet, or in hard-copy printed for distribution by post or hand-outs at exhibitions. We have been designing brochures for 20 years, but it is paying attention to the details that will impress you most. For example, we help you eliminate information that will quickly date your brochure and make it obsolete before its time. Such info can be better handled by inter-changeable inclusions.

Magazines & Newsletters

Many SME's recognise the potential of publishing periodical magazines and newsletter to educate existing users and generate new business. They will often commit a considerable amount of time and energy preparing the content, and then go and blow it all by not commissioning a graphic designer to produce a circular that will catch and hold the recipient's attention long enough for them to actually read it. How many circulars have you received and stashed away with the good intention to read it later … but never do? We rest our case.


Leaflets & Flyers

Over the last decade, advances in digital printing technology has effectively lowered the price of promoting your business with leaflets and flyers. Unfortunately, low cost also equates with low-quality and pumping out poorly designed leaflets and flyers can do more harm than good, especially with the advent of GDPR. Make sure your budget is spent on well-designed, legally compliant and effective promotional material that generates leads.

Company Reports

If your company spends tens of thousands of pounds preparing the material to go into your various reports and annual returns, it makes sense to commission us to make sure the final production is designed to be easily read and assimilated by the intended reader. We have years of experience of designing scientific and financial papers and annual reports, and it takes real skill to engage and retain the interest of the reader.

Book Publications

Signatures is always pleased to work with authors and publishers to design and prepare books of any size and content for print. We have staff with the design skills and print knowledge of this specialist area, who enjoy the methodical and meticulous process of transforming scripts and collections of images into a final printed and bound book that achieves what the author is looking for.


Stands and Signage

We can design all your exhibition stand content, posters, banners, window displays, shop and office header board, bill boards and vehicle signage. We have won design awards for technology exhibition stands as far afield as Japan, and we have years of experience of designing artwork for any size of signage from small posters to road-side bill boards. There are different rules that dictate what should, and more importantly what shouldn't, be included in designs destined for different presentation sizes. We know what works.


We are always happy to obtain competitive quotations from our trusted printers we have worked with for many years. Alternatively, we are equally happy to work with your trusted printers. Either way, you get the best outcome at a competitive price, and we can oversee the whole job from conception through to design approval and then onto print. We are also happy just to supply you with our finished artwork, and you can arrange to have the work printed yourself.

Print Liaison

Printing remains an art, not a science. Achieving a 'perfect' printed product still depends upon the printer's skill, and even the ambient humidity and temperature on the day can effect the final outcome. For large scale print runs or where colour matching really matters, it is only sensible to allow us to work with the printer to obtain print proofs for you to approve before printing commences. Even the best printers make mistakes, and catching them before the print run, rather than after saves a whole load of grief.


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