Owning your brand will make you more successful

Creating a strong and unique brand is important for any organisation no matter what their purpose or size. Brand image promotes user-recognition, increases sales and protects market-share. Depending upon our client's individual needs we can deliver a branding specification for a few hundred pounds. Some of our larger clients will regularly spend thousands of pounds just to conceive a logo and user-test it before committing to developing a brand around it. It pays to do so and you can test for yourself how branding works at a subliminal level by reflecting what made you buy what you did the last time you went grocery shopping, or bought a drink at the bar. As much as we like to believe we are not influenced by advertising that promotes individual brands ... the truth is we are. Every organisation, large or small, should be concerned to develop a brand. It doesn't need to be expensive or time consuming. It just has to be right for the purpose intended. Signatures can work with you to develop a unique brand and assist you roll it out so your staff and other agencies you use know how to apply it as your business moves forward into the future.


Brand Development

We can handle the branding exercise from cradle to grave, through all the stages of design concept to roll-out and distributing reproduction guidelines to your internal departments and external agencies and printers. We even organise unique brand-launches for the press if your promotional budget will stretch to it.

Logo Design

Some clients give us a detailed brief of exactly what they want for their new logo, allowing us to quickly translate their ideas into scalable artwork that works just as well for a business card as it does for a large road-side billboard. Other clients give us an open brief to come up with a range of logo ideas for them to choose from. Either way, we enjoy the pure creative challenge of new logo design and always deliver on budget.

Brand Guidelines and Launch

Branding only works if it is applied consistently across all the possible media outputs. To make sure your brand image is applied in the way intended, we always produce a brand guideline document that specifies the print or screen reproduction information people need to know so they can produce new artwork into the future.


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